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In shamanic understanding, trauma signifies soul-loss. To restore a person to wholeness, the shaman journeys into non-ordinary reality to retrieve the person’s lost soul essence and restores it to the client in ordinary reality.

Shamans knew intuitively that existence is a product of consciousness, and that soul requires body to enter physicality, and body requires soul to express life. Yet, there is only a set amount of physical pain and mental/emotional disturbance that an embodied soul can tolerate. Out of self-preservation, a part of the soul leaves just prior to the trauma impact, and retreats – unharmed – into non-ordinary reality, away from physical ordinary reality. The value of soul retrieval, and thus its usefulness, lies in the fact that it can facilitate improved health and well-being in one session. No long-term treatments, no medication needed.


SOUL MATTERS: Modern Science Confirming Ancient Wisdom presents Jeanne-Rachel Salomon’s unique and creative research into the millennia-old shamanic healing modality of Soul Retrieval. Dr. Salomon found that the fundamentals of the shamanic healing method are aligned with quantum principals and that the phenomenon of soul-leaving and soul-returning happens on the quantum-level of existence. The results of her study confirm the relevance of quantum physics’ tenets of non-locality, tangled hierarchy and discontinuity inside shamanic healing.


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